Winchester Addiction Services

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Winchester Addiction Services is dedicated to excellence in addiction treatment, offering affordable, multiple treatment options for a wide array of addictions. Winchester Addiction Services is the only practice in Winchester and the surrounding area specializing in the medical* and therapeutic treatment of addiction disorders.

The WAS mission is to provide our clients with the necessary tools for recovery and self-empowerment over debilitating addictions.

We offer cognitive/behavioral therapy, affordable outpatient detox services, and routine drug testing in a private setting.


Outpatient treatment provides our patients with affordable, clinically supported treatment. Outpatient treatment allows our patients to maintain their family and work roles or school attendance with minimal interruption. All of our services are available to the public at a fraction of the cost of residential treatment without the clinical compromise.

  • Reduced financial costs over inpatient treatment
  • Flexible, accessible services
  • Clinical flexibility to respond to individual needs
  • Daily real-world opportunities for clients to apply learned skills
  • Greater patient responsibility
  • Increased opportunities to establish community-based supports
  • Maintain family roles and work schedules
  • Meets legal service requirements

Multiple groups occur throughout the week, designed to meet the needs of the individual and organized according to age and appropriate state of life. Our group therapy program addresses and corrects the cognitive and behavioral habits surrounding addictions, and provides our patients with the opportunity to observe direct results.


*WAS contracts with local medical physicians to provide outpatient opiod detox as needed.

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